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Sugar is sugar is sugar

Statistics Canada estimated that the average Canadian ingests about 30 pounds of sugar each year from manufactured products. Young children are getting more than 25 % of their daily calories from sugar-more than any other age group. It is surprising how many prepared products in supermarket might contain sugar-like: 1. breakfast cereal 2. granola bars…
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We’ve gone digital: our new digital dental x-ray

Hi Everybody, After some time of speaking to various suppliers, we are proud to introduce a new digital X-Ray to our practice, which provides great benefits to our patients as well as making our work easier to give to you. [caption id="attachment_2050" align="aligncenter" width="604"] Blog_ourXray[/caption] Why a digital X-Ray? There are two very good reasons:…
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Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know… part of our daily routine is screening for oral abnormalities, which is critical for early diagnoses and prevention. It is usually done by dental hygienist or dentist at you regular check-up appointment and takes about 5 minutes. We examine and inspect patient cheeks, floor of the mouth, tongue, lips and lymph nodes…
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Smoking and your teeth

Smoking is bad for your health, but smoking is also one of the worst offenders when it comes to staining teeth. Tobacco smoke causes brown stains that penetrate the grooves and pits of tooth enamel. Tobacco stains can be hard to remove by brushing alone, and the longer you smoke, the more entrenched the stains…
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