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How to get awesome gums?

Early detection of risk factors can help you prevent periodontal (gum) disease as well as other health conditions associated with gum disease. It can be something as simple as changing certain oral hygiene habits. You've heard this before, but the simple truth is that Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly continues to be the most…
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John Oliver on Sugar

In our last expose on bashing sugar, lets have a few laughs no? 🙂 despite liking a little candy now and then, we think John Oliver does it best


The W.H.O. on Sugar

The world health organization is taking a stance, after a surprisingly long time 🙂

We think the dental world was waiting a long time for this one: the WHO warns that free sugar might not be the best diet staple.

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Why we should floss daily

Routine brushing and flossing are daily rituals that are apart our lives. Flossing especially, plays an important role in our everyday oral self care routine. The removal of bio-film from the inter-dental areas where tooth brushing does not reach is important in the important in the prevention of ginival/periodontal disease, the cause of bad breath,…
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