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Why we should floss daily

Routine brushing and flossing are daily rituals that are apart our lives. Flossing especially, plays an important role in our everyday oral self care routine. The removal of bio-film from the inter-dental areas where tooth brushing does not reach is important in the important in the prevention of ginival/periodontal disease, the cause of bad breath, otherwise known as (halitosis) and in keeping our oral cavity free of any potential harboring diseases and inflammatory states.

Gingival bleeding during flossing can be an indication of direct trauma caused by the operator or in the most cases inflammation of the gums due to the lack of flossing. The benefit of daily flossing is the reduction and prevention of inflammation caused by the presence of plaque (bio-film) around and in between the gums, and the potential for cavities to begin development. Weather your using waxed, satin, glide, tape, braided or tufted floss, does not make a difference, it’s your technique and routine that play the biggest role in keeping your oral cavity clean and healthy.

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