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Portfolio Category: Family Dentistry


Dentures are full prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. They can be either partial dentures, such as several teeth beside each other that make up a section, or full dentures that span an entire row of teeth. Creating personalized dentures is not complicated, however more than one appointment with the doctor might be needed to make…
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Full Mouth Reconstruction

As the title suggests this is a long procedure that involves several other procedures described above. After serious injuries that heavily damage the structure of either the top, bottom or even both rows of teeth, a combination of procedures are available to restore a full functionality and aesthetics of your teeth.
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Much like the name says a crown is a cap like structure that goes over the top of an existing tooth, to either protect or enhance a specific tooth that is decayed or eroded. They can be made from a variety of materials, and are usually custom made for each patient’s exact tooth after a…
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Bonding / Fixing

Also known as Adhesive Dentistry, it’s a simple procedure where a dentist uses a tooth-colored material such as a resin or dental cement that is used to fill gaps or cracks. The material then hardens and becomes a permanent part of the tooth. Used to fix decayed teeth, cracks, chips, improve the aesthetics of teeth…
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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

You might have heard about wisdom teeth extraction before. When wisdom teeth grow in straight (as revealed by an wisdom teeth X-ray), there is no need for an extraction. However when they grow into either the top or lower jaw at an angle, or become disruptive to other teeth they will need to be removed…
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